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  • Be a Machine Gun Trader, that shoots to kill...
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The Only Profitable Way to Trade is:

“Want What The Market Wants!”

What does Forward Trading Feels Like:

“You May Not Know Which Way The Market Winds are Going To Blow In Today,
But You Can Still Reach Your Destination, By Adjusting Your Sails Accordingly, Even When You Have To Go Against It…”

What Does Mainstream Technical & Fundamental Analysis Based Trading Feels Like:

“A Broken Clock That Shows The Right Time Twice a Day.”
“Driving a Car With Only a Gas And Break Pedals, But No Steering Wheel.”


The ZennerGUN strategy in a Nut Shell

According to Chaos Theory, our Universe incorporates the uncertainty principle, the random element of quantum theory that Einstein objected to on the grounds that “God does not play dice”. In modern physics, this statement is challenged by a new paradigm shift in the scientific community, suggesting that “God may play dice” instead, in a Cosmic Game of complete law and order.

One can view both the Universe and the Markets as one giant non-linear random distribution, similar to the way an initiating fractal works or the spinning of a casino roulette wheel.

All of them obey the same laws of Entropy, which according to Boltzmann’s equations, measure the rate of disorder or randomness we experience everywhere around us in our daily lives. It all moves from order to disorder, as the later increases with the passage of time…

This is why if you continuously bet on one color on a roulette table with a 50/50 odds of winning to losing, and each time you lose, you double up and bet on the same color, chances are that sooner or later one should win, offsetting all existing losses and winning the last round of betting.

You may think that operating a FOREX Trading System like the above Roulette strategy may be a very chancy business, because you risk losing money each time the roulette wheel spins. But what you DO NOT know, is that over a large number of bets, the gains and losses average themselves out to a result that CAN be predicted, even though the result of any individual bet CAN NOT be predicted.

The Casino operators make sure the odds average out in their favor 53% to 47% because of the two zeroes (0 and 00 on the roulette table). The only chance you have of winning against them is to stake all your money on a few spins of the wheel.

This is where the ZennerGUN Z-4 forward trading FOREX Grid strategy comes into play, and transforms this universal law into an elaborate High Odds of Winning Strategy (HOWS). It hedges consecutively both sides of the market in the same instrument, until reaching a Net Positive Outcome (NPO), with a 90% to 10% odds of winners to losers, while keeping adjustable low execution volumes, based on variable fractional rate of position acceleration, targeting 0.5% to 1% returns daily. A unique Emergency Money Management Procedure (EMMP) is being activated in the event of continuously missing its multiple profit targets. It encapsulates the accumulated loss from this “worst case scenario” into an equilibrium hedge, and later passes it on for manual handling by the account manager, in the rare occasions when a Winning Positive Net Outcome (WPNO) was not in the cards for you.

The higher the number of recursive counter positioning grows, the sooner the breaking of the existing price pattern is to come. Our research indicates that 10 to 12 iterations are usually enough for Entropy to get to work for us and bring disorder or a breakout in an orderly bracket/sideways market. The strategy is capable of changing its pattern at the very end of a consecutive execution series, and taking a counter position inside the range, as a last ditch effort to emerging profitable, in the wake of all prior failed breakouts, which leave the foundation for the assumption of a strong range market based on multiple reference points.


Stay On Top Of The Trade At All Times…
Say Good Bye to All

• Forecasts
• Presages
• Predictions
• Gut-feelings
• Perceptions
• Intuitions
• Expectations


The ZennerGUN Z-4 Trading Robot

The ultimate money making machine, geared towards financially engineered profit taking success.

The Trading Algo/Strategy is a novel fully automated MetaTrader 4 based expert adviser, which can be characterized as being:

• Autonomous
• Adaptive
• Self Priming
• Bi-Directional
• Asymmetrical
• Double-Crossed
• Price Action Fronting
• Trending & Bracket Market Enabled
• Widened Spread Protected
• Entry & Exit Slippage Compensated
• Custom Dynamic Ratchet Trailing
• Ultra High Frequency Scalping

The strategy boils down to its core, advanced, multi tier, asynchronous order executions, which resembles multiple bullets in the magazine of a Gatling gun, having the ability to shoot at both sides of the market, at extremely high speeds – as each subsequent shot comes at an increased cost to the trader, but still keeps him in the trade, rather than taking him out. In this way one has the option to either take a stop loss or freeze the loss after a certain number of successive unprofitable shots, or keep shooting at the Market, until he prevails and yields a final Net Positive Outcome, from the collective rounds fired…

Setting the Odds in Your Favor
In a Game That is Rigged Against You

Markets are supposedly random and unpredictable for the common non-establishment trader, who has only access to seeing his own size and positioning in the Market, whereas his establishment trading counterpart, who takes the opposite side of the trade, is able to see every market participant’s size and side of their trade, thereby guiding public sentiment so as to swing the price action in counter intuitive directions, leading the general investors to a well-engineered financial demise, for they have been taught to only take single shots at the market by providing a Stop-Loss and a Take-Profit levels at a certain Risk-Reward ratio.

The only way you can resist the Market Maker’s manipulations and tilt the odds in your favor is by rectifying their fake moves through a Zener diode series of execution patterns, until a real directional move occurs with you still in the game and without being taken out by a premature Stop-Loss, as shown below:

Shot # Lot Size* Direction Odds Outcomes To Win To Lose % in Favor Unit
1 1 Short 1:1 2 1 1 50/50 50.00
2 2 Long 2:1 3 2 1 66/33Δ16/Δ17 33.33
3 4 Short 3:1 4 3 1 75/25Δ9/Δ8 25.00
4 8 Long 4:1 5 4 1 80/20Δ5/Δ5 20.00
5 16 Short 5:1 6 5 1 83/17Δ3/Δ3 16.66
6 32 Long 6:1 7 6 1 86/14Δ3/Δ3 14.28
7 64 Short 7:1 8 7 1 88/12Δ2/Δ2 12.50
8 128 Long 8:1 9 8 1 89/11Δ1/Δ1 11.11
9 256 Short 9:1 10 9 1 90/10Δ1/Δ1 10.00

(* Lot sizes above are “theoretical”. In reality they get adjusted in real time according to market dynamics and corresponding strategy chosen)


Major Strategy Guiding Principles<\strong>

Phase 1: Blitz Offensive – Usually 90% Successful

• Speculate in an Arbitrary Direction
• Hedge in the Corresponding Opposite Direction
• Trail/Ratchet in Both Directions
• Switch in Anticipation of a Breakout in a Trending Market
• Switch in Anticipation of a Failed Breakout in a Bracket Market

Phase 2: Damage Control – When You Hit the Notorious 10% on the Flip Side

• Counter Balance Last Asymmetrical Position into Equilibrium
• Wait for an Extreme Event to Occur in the Market
• Cut One Side Short Let the Other Run Free
• Break Even as Soon as Possible

Phase 3: Last Resort – When All Else Fails, there is Still Light at the End of the Tunnel

• Reduce Existing Leverage Ratio to Avoid Margin Calls
• Buyout Your Market Exposure for the difference of Leverage Reduction
• Stay in the Trade Until Market Recovers to Your Level of Entry
• Break Even as Soon as Possible or Take a Small Bearable Loss

Technical Characteristics

• Purely Fractal Trade Reference Oriented
• Fully mathematical & directionless, forward price-action biased, (2:1)/N odds driven ratio
• Built-in Loss-Prevention algorithm, implemented as a Super Compounding Sequences
• Baked in prior losses and commissions, facilitating net positive outcomes


Based On

• Price Level Extremes
• Fractal Symmetry
• Relative Reference
• Critical Volume Aggregation
• Super Compounding Sequences
• Anti-Strategy Mirror Image Positioning

Chaos Trading Strategy

Invented by Thomas B. Brown Jr. in August 2011

Beverly Wood, California
©2012 Laboratory for Scientific Trading Research.

Honors & Awards

“Congratulations you have been selected for the Launch Division of the Battle-Fin Tournament 2.0. Battle-Fin received interest from 2800 quants across 58
countries. Your strategy clearly stuck out to us. We’re excited to start monitoring your performance. “
Lion’s Path Capital
Tim Harrington, President


“This Strategy is – GOLD!”
Joe Nikolson
Former GEO TradeStation

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